About Jimbaran Corner

Open on November 2011, Jimbaran Corner is the home of fashion, beauty and decoration boutiques also a gourmet destination. Strategically located on the Uluwatu Road corner to the Muaya (Four Seasons) Beach, high recommended restaurants in town like Chocolate Café and well known Grocer and Grind are in there. A world class beauty treatment Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane also taking the whole second floor of the building.

The Jimbaran Corner building is easy to recognize. Its bamboo and wood layered façade offer an attractive sight to the neighborhood. People will see from the street that there are some 25 meter tall coconut trees are still grow attached near the wall of the building. It shows that the development really try to not cut all the trees down during the construction. Also the double layer wall on the outside of the building is aimed to reduce the heat transfer from the sun so it can decrease the energy consumption inside the building.


Wheel Chair
Uluwatu entrance

Nursery and Disable Toilet
Next to every toilet