Bin House

BIN house Indonesian Creation was founded in 1986, by Josephine Komara (Obin), inspired and intrigued by the centuries-old cloth making techniques of batik, ikat weaving, tie & dye and stitch & dye that have made Indonesian fabrics famous.

The exquisite fabrics from BIN house are entirely hand-spun and had-woven by the finest Indonesian artisans, with no assistance from modern technology. Each piece of cloth is a product of meticulous craftsmanship that often takes months-sometimes a whole year—to finish. The work starts from selecting and processing the fi-bers into yarn, then preparing the yarns for the intri-cate weaving using handlooms, then the weavers, batik-kers, and dyers begin their work. Very often, more than 40 artisans are involved in this lengthy labour of love. The intricate patterns depicting ancient and near-extinct mo-tifs are results of complex methods of fabric weaving and batik dyeing that would take decades to master.

Today, Bin house’s unique creations have brought a new awareness to fashion and textile-making circles through the use of fine handmade silk fabrics and batik design. The cloths may be worn as shawl, wraps, and sarong skirts

BIN house has made its presence felt in a big way. Not just in Indonesia, but also in Singapore, Japan and the West, adding a touch of exotica to the exciting world of textiles, which is itself enjoying a global renewal of interest in recent years.